The Guide of GreenCore, HardCore, Black & Deth Metal


Handmade gluebook
Mixed media
140×160 mm

The idea of this sketchbook goes back to 2003, when my friend Eloi (aka Necro) was teaching me how to use a computer as a creative machine.

At the time he was working on a brochure sketch and instead of using the standard Lorem Ipsum he made up a mysterious and grammatically atrocious text (remember: bad grammar = TRVE) with automatic writing that was completely hilarious and led us to some equally hilarious projects (like Kalmar Flesh).

Over the years I had in mind to gather all the metal references, puns and bad jokes in one place: from over the top disclaimers and SSMT harsh reviews to concert tickets and tongue-in-cheek interviews. The fact that the metal community sometimes takes itself too seriously gives me endless material to work with.

This is the largest handmade gluebook that i’ve assembled and it’s still an ongoing project that allows me to go wild and cover almost two decades of nonsense.